The Lutheran Study Bible

5 Things


At Grace, we believe in the interactive study of the Word of God. Reading, contemplating, discussing and applying the Bible to our lives is best done in this format. We gather together as friends, each with our own talents and abilities, applying what we hear and understand to ourselves and the world around us. Formal Bible study at Grace, does not replace daily reading and meditation on the Scriptures, but supplements it. Through our interaction we all grow in faith and in friendship with brothers and sisters in Christ.

One of the strengths of our Bible studies is the diversity of thoughts and opinions that are offered during our time together. No idea is off the table as we use the word of God to form our thought processes and to inform our outlook and response to challenges to our faith.

Our regularly scheduled Bible studies include:

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Class

Sunday Mornings at 8:45 a.m. we gather together to delve into God's Word. On September 8, 2013 we will begin a study based on the recent book "5 Things You Can Do To Better Understand The Bible". This short study will give us an opportunity to once again look at the underpinnings of the Holy Scriptures and guide us into a greater appreciation of the Bible we treasure.

During September, as we progress through the "5 Things" book, we will explore what our next study will be. It could be a topic or a book of the bible. Most recently we concluded an extended study of 1 Corinthians.

Midweek Bible Study

Wednesday mornings we gather together at 10:00 a.m. for coffee, cookies and Bible Study. Set apart from the Sunday Morning routine, we have an opportunity to come together later in the morning and read, mark, and inwardly digest the Word. We are continuing our study of Paul's letters to Timothy and Titus. Having completed 2 Timothy in June, we will resume our midweek sessions on September 11, 2013. A leisurely pace for studying God's Word allows us to talk about the implications of the Biblical text to the early readers of the letters, and how it applies to us. Wide ranging discussions help us see how God guides and shapes our ideas in light of His will given to us in the Holy Scriptures.