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Rev. James A. Matthews, Pastor

Pastor Matthews came to Grace in 2010 and was ordained and installed as the Sole Pastor in 2011.   His journey into the ordained ministry of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod was a long and winding road.  Attending Concordia University Portland, he started down the road ordination with a major in Pre-Ministerial Studies.  Greek and Hebrew were daunting for a young man who had never truly studied a foreign language before.  After a year, he changed his major to Accounting and finished is degree at California State University Sacramento.  After becoming a Certified Public Accountant, he was active in Town and Country Lutheran Church and Peace Lutheran Church in Sacramento.

Further education called to James and he considered entering the Seminary after a few years as a CPA.  Acceptance into Law School pulled him away from pursing the ministry at that time.  After graduating from McGeorge School of Law, he practiced as an attorney in Nebraska, South Dakota and eventually Washington State.

In 1992 Beverly (BJ) and James were married.  As husband and wife they were blessed with three children Korin, Justin and Dylan.  In 1998 the family relocated to Washington State and took up residence in Olympia.  Working for a construction company and then for the State of Washington, did not quell the pull toward the ministry.  In 2007, James entered the Seminary, Concordia St. Louis.   Three years later he was assigned to Grace Lutheran Church in Tacoma, Washington for his {deferred) vicarage.  Upon completion of his internship, he was ordained and installed as the Sole Pastor at Grace, as their former pastor retired from service to the congregation.

With great joy Pastor Matthews serves the saints worshiping at Grace.  Bible Study, Worship, and growing with the members of Grace have made the years fly by.  Pastor Matthews is looking for many more years of service at Grace and in the greater Tacoma area.

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Fifth Sunday after Pentecost
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Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
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Third Sunday after Pentecost

Fear Not

Second Sunday after Pentecost

Helpless and Harassed?

Holy Trinity Sunday

A Solid Foundation

Pentecost Sunday

The Dramatic Reversal

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